Generation y

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There’s no doubt that GEN Y will fundamentally change corporate world , and it’s already start.The reason behind choosing this topic ,is because it has been a lot of controversy about this generation, it is a hot topic among consultants, employers, human resource executives and talent management professionals and also because we are part of this generation and after 3 years we will have our diploma at ENCG school and we will face the world of work Generation Y, also known as the millennium generation was born between 1978 and 2000. They are the largest generation to enter the workforce since the baby boomers who are now set to retire. Within a few short years Generation Y will make up the largest segment of the working population. As more Gen Y’s enter the workforce, many older generations seem puzzled and often confused about this “new generation”. They’ve heard stories, they’ve read articles and they wonder if managing this new generation is really going to be different.Generation Y is also more demanding in what it expects from work; that causes headache for employers They're young, smart, brash. They may wear flip-flops to the office or listen to iPods at their desk. They want to work, but they don't want work to be their life, hyper connected (armed with lap tops, cell phones...) they wants work to be fun and flexible We can see now that the clash is inevitable with our parents' generation ... In fact, the managers "old school" consider this generation as less workers, and others believe that we do not respect the authority of the hierarchy we especially think that Generation X needs to adapt its methods of management, and that is the problem that arises today.In other hand many companies arrive perfectly to manage and to retain this generation . we can give the example of web companies(GOOGLE, APPLE) and the famous concept of funky business that attracts more and more young entrants to the world of work ... in order to facilitate the

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