Green peace

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Deforestation :

Deforestation is dramatic because, every two seconds, it is the equivalent of a football field which disappear.
It is responsable of 20% of CO2 emissions.
Deforestation representa triple threat for biodiversity, world climatic balances and living conditions in the forest basins.

Greenpeace militates since the beginning of the year so that the question of deforestationoccupies a central place in the debates in Copenhagen. Decisions must be taken there to protect the forests and to thus fight against the climate changes.


Oceans :

Our oceans are sickbecause of overfishing.
In fact, 80% of fish stocks are fully exploited, overexploited or declining. The resources of the sea become exhausted.

Greenpeace asks for the creation of a network ofmarine reserves which would cover 40% of the surface of our oceans. No activity of fishing would be authorized there. The fish could reproduce there in all peace. Natural balances would be restored.
Forthe 60% of seas and remaining oceans, we defend the introduction of a “durable fishing”. She would meet our needs without compromising those of the future generations.


Nucléaire :Greenpeace was born at the beginning of the Seventies to protest against the American nuclear tests.
Forty years later, our convictions are always thesame ones.
The nuclear power puts in danger ourplanet. It is dangerous, useless and expensive.

Radioactive materials are rejected in the water and in the air. Wastes are stored. Greenpeace fights daily against this contempt of the laws, the humanhealth and environment. Currently, we militate without slackening against the EPR program. We denounce the reprocessing of plutonium and the projects of hiding of waste. We multiply the initiatives sothat a national debate on the nuclear power emerges finally.


La pollution :

The sources of...
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