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We have chosen Harvard University because it’s the most popoular in the U.S.A and there are the three subjects that we want to study later : Design , Ingineeringand medical.
This university is more than a university. It’s a tradition. No other american institution of highter learning as such a prominent place in the nation’s history or imagination. It wasfounded in 1636, it is the oldest University in the United States and the oldest corporation in the Americas. It is perhaps the U.S university that is both closest to the British model of universityeducation, yet distinctly American in identity and outlook. The are aproximatly 19 500 students . It’s not a religious school. There is 15 sorts of school in Harvard like medecin, design, buisness,education…
Harvard is located in Cambridge , Massachusetts, on a camus just across the Charles River from Boston.

The Harvard educational experience is usually an intense and companionable one, withstudents benefiting from low student-to-faculty ratios and opportunities to get involved with the local community.
I) About Harvad University

II) What you would have to do and register
If you wantto entered in Harvard University, you must have at least honnors at the exam of high school. It’s better to have a letter of recommandation. For the inscription, it costs 65$. The maximum date toregister is the 1rst of January.

III) The level requirements
You have to pass the SAT and the ACT if you want to study in an american school especially in Harvard. You can pass too the TOELF. Thatexams evalue high school student’s general education development, and their ability to complete college-level work. You must have at least 700 points at this exams to entered in Harvard. The cost ofthe inscription is about of 60$ and you pass it in june.

IV) Administrative procedures
In general for going in USA it’s very strict : you must have a new passeport ( again avalable more than 6...
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