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By Hida Abbad, Courtney Kruschel
and Ian Orchard

A satire can take the form of a novel, an essay, a poem, a video, an article, a comic strip, and even acaricature. It can also be funny, light, simple as well as complicated, heavy bitter, severely sarcastic etc.. In a satire, certain issues, people, iconic figures orsituations are emphasized to be ridiculed, scorned or criticised. The author often does this b using such techniques as sarcasm, irony, paradox, humour, and wit. Although it can havemany purposes a satire often corresponds to one of two categories (note that a satire may not fit entirely into one category but in most cases it can be categorized by its maincharacteristics)

These categories are:

Juvenalian; which is characterized by its bitter and serious tone it aims to encourage social change: Often written about social,political and or economical issues. As opposed to the other category of satire, Juvenalian is more serious and is not playful; it also does not flatter in anyway the subjectof the attack.

Horatian: Is a little lighter in tone than a Juvenalian type satire, as it certainly uses humour, light sarcasm, and/or irony. It pokes fun at certain issuesand we often see this for of satire in caricatures in newspapers, comic strips, sitcoms and video clips.

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