History in english : can we assign responsibility for the out-break of ww1

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Can we assign responsibility for the outbreak of WWI?

At 11:15 am, on June 28th 1914 in Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital, the Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his morganatic wife, Sophie, duchess ofHohenberg were shot dead by a Serbian student called Gavrilo Princip. After sending a ultimatum, Austria-Hungry declared war on Serbia on July 28th . This event caused a series of war declarations.Russia, Serbia’s protector declared war to Austria-Hungry. Germany, Austria-Hungary’s ally went to war against Russia. Germany declared war against France and Britain, Belgium’s defender entered thewar by declaring war to Germany. By August 6th 1914 Europe’s greatest powers were at war. They all rushed into the war thinking that it will be a matter of a few weeks. It lasted until 1918, causingabout 37 Million deaths. Who can be held responsible for the start of this terrible war?

First of all, Germany had quite an important role in the beginning of the great war. There were manysigns since 1908 showing it was preparing for war. It rapidly expanded its naval strength. Between 1908 and 1914, 17 dreadnoughts were built, by 1914 it had 85 warships and 23 submarines. Germany was thesecond most powerful navy in the world, trying to catch up with and overtake Britain which had in 1914, 64 submarines and 122 warships. With 2,200,000 soldiers available it had the biggest army inEurope. Its steel and iron production increased and in 1914, Germany had the biggest steel production in Europe with 17 millions tons produced. They were followed by Britain which had a production of7,9 millions tons of steel. The von Schlieffen plan, which was planed 20 years before, was ready to be launched when Germany was about to declare war on France on august 3rd 1914. The Kaiser alliedwith Austria-Hungry in 1882, so, if that it entered a war, Germany had to fight also. Germany’s war preparations alarmed the other countries who also had to prepare for the eventuality of a war. When...
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