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For me this project was an original way to get away from the daily, it was rather a challenge to sacrifice the comfort that I have: Shower, TV, bed, etc… It changed totally my feelings about thehomeless.
Beg for money to eat, wearing the same clothes for a week, don’t having shower, staying away from people, it isn’t always easy! But I did that just for a week. I can’t imagine doing thateveryday!

Everyone takes the homeless for a lot of drunkard with a handcart with lots useless things to us. But they are real people, human beings, they deserve respect! In the street we don’t see them,as if they were a part of the décor. They might die in front of us, we wouldn’t see them, they are as transparent. Being homeless isn’t funny, it’s survival.

Some homeless wait the opening of mallsin order to warm up after their cold night. And when we ask them why they aren’t in shelters, they say that they are unwelcome, that the food isn’t good, they are stolen everything they possess, thebeds are uncomfortable and surround by plastic. There are so many people, so much noise that it’s impossible to sleep and at 6 am they are forced to leave the shelters. In short, it’s humiliating sothey prefer to get by alone.

We visited shelters in order to attending their regular classes that the organisation HomeAid America built. The proposal to stay in these shelters until an improvementof their situation is better as the shelters where they are allowed to stay only one night.

Fortunately we are allowed to have a toothbrush, a hairbrush and a deodorant because the odors areunpleasant… But what is the useful of a toothbrush without toothpaste?

Without money, all is difficult… It is difficult to find a bed, to wash, it’s hard to eat. Because at the cafeteria, students don’tlend money, they need this money too. Panhandle is humiliating, people see you in poverty, they see you as a tramp! But you are like them! You have just been unlucky! That is what emerges from all...
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