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Travel across Australia :

Australia is a continent in the southern hemisphere. He is surrounded by Indian and Pacific oceans. This country represents 7,6 million square kilometres of the world's surface area. It's the largest island on the planet but the smallest continent.

Although there is considerable variation in climate, Australia is classified as arid or semi-arid. The hottest region is the northern of the continent. There is a tropical climate in northern Australia and in the south there is temperate climate. Inland the climate is arid because there is a desert. In Australia, almost 18 % of the landscape is deserts. On the coastline it's more temperate because there is wind.

The population is 22 million and the population density is about 3 inhabitants per square kilometres. It's an urban population with 60% concentrated in and around big cities as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Since 1901, six colonies became a federation and the Commonwealth of Australia was formed. The capital is Canberra withal the largest city is Sydney. For few years Australia is a rich nation, she's the thirteenth largest economy on the planet. They had a very hight HDI : between 9.5 and 10...

Abounding in natural beauty and resources as gold, cooper, coal, nickel, silver,....
They're the first diamonds producer in the world. Their immense territory and their little pollution enable a large diversity in the fauna and in the flora... Australia could be name “the country of kangaroos” because there are more kangaroos than humans in this

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