Inspector calls

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An Inspector Calls
Summary of Act II

In this Act, Inspector is going on his enquiry. Gerald is also involved in the story, Sheila is a little angry with him but she see that he is honest, so shecan understands him. She insists to hear the next part of the story; otherwise she will feel guilt for Eva’s death.
Sheila feels very guilty but on that moment, she didn’t think what she did was veryimportant, and Sheila knows also that Inspector knows everything.

Then Mrs Birling enters in the room, she is sure she isn’t involved in the story. Already when she enters she says: „I don’t thinkwe can help you much. “ But Sheila Stops her, because she guesses that her mother is involved too in the story.

Through, this Act we see the character of Mrs Birling, she is very careful ofkeeping her image, she doesn’t want to spoil her image in the society.
She finds out that Eric is used to drinks, she feels betrayal when Sheila says it openly.

The author builds up an anticipation ofsuspense in this Act, with Mrs Birling, it is on page 32, the inspector says gravely: „we’ll see, Mrs Birling. “

As for Gerald, he knew Eva Smith alias Daisy Renton, he met her for the first timein a euphemism, she was different from the other girls, and she was also distress. Gerald helped her. Few days later they become lovers, but only Eva was in love with him, Gerald didn’t love her.
Onpage 38, he says: „I didn’t feel about her as she felt about me. “
Their relation did not last long; it ends on the first week of September. Sheila realizes that Gerald lied her very often. After hetold all he knows about Eva, he wants no more hear about this story so he leave M. Birling house, before he leave, Sheila gives him his ring back.

Then the inspector shows the photographs to MrsBirling. As everyone, she also recognizes her. She is also responsible of Eva’s death, because she refused to help her, when she came to her for help.
In fact Eva was pregnant, the man who made her...
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