Introduction à la food crisis

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Table of contents
a) Intention : 4
b) What is our theme? : 4
c) What are we trying to accomplish? : 4
d) What story are we trying to tell? : 5
e) How will we tell the story? : 5
f) Additional Notes : 6
g) Disclaimer : 6

a) Universal Declaration of Human Rights : 7
b) Malthus and Ricardo: An introduction : 7
c)Case example: African farmer soon starving : 14
d) Case Example: France – People buy cheaper : 15
e) ITVs of key officials : 15
f) ITVs of experts on the price of food : 18
g) Brief interlude: Causes : 22

a) Cartoon: Meet King Joe : 23
b) Voice Over (V.O.) : 23
c) Images from China : 24
d) The Changing Diets : 26
e) Meat toGrain ratio & the Question of Obesity : 28
f) Rural Exodus : 30
g) Brief Interlude: Fuel : 31
a) Cartoon: Man on the Land : 31
b) But China and India demand more fuel : 31
c) Another excerpt from Man on the Land : 34
d) Oil is a major underlying : 34
e) The food and fuel crises of the 70s : 36
f) Fertilizers and by-products : 37
g) Transition link with Malthusand Ricardo: Antiques : 39

a) Independence from fossil fuels : 41
b) Images of US corn-based ethanol chain and its effects on the world : 45
c) Rising prices of corn and their effect on developing countries : 49
d) Sugar-based ethanol : 51
e) What about second generation biofuels?: 53
f) Fuel independence, a symbol of peace or morestarving people instead? : 54
g) Transition animation : 56
a) Global warming shortages push prices up : 57
b) Shortages affect local farmers as well as global markets : 58
c) Increasing failed crops rhyme with decreasing reserves, further
pushing prices : 59
d) Reducing Global Warming on a Local level : 60
a) Background information : 61b) Transition link with Malthus and Ricardo: Waterloo : 62
c) What are these trade restrictions and why do they happen? : 65
d) Would lifting these restrictions really force prices down? : 66
e) Where are we going from here? : 67
f) How Brazil temporarily stoped its rice exports : 69
g) And how Panama starts subsidizing El Compita : 70

a) Backgroundinformation : 70
b) Brief interlude: Now the big question : 71
c) Short term solutions
1. Food aid : 71
2. Seeds and fertilizer : 72
3. Export bans : 73 A new trade system
d) Medium term solutions
1. Free trade : 74 Changes at the UN & WTO level
2. Biofuels : 75 The future of sugar and anlgae
e) Long term solutions
1. GM crops : 76
2. Sustainability : 77
3.Alternative energy : 79
4. Agricultural investment : 80
5. Irrigation, infrastructure, market access, technology etc do not figure in this document.

PART IV. EPILOGUE (50min00 – 52min00)
a) Last Supper for Malthus : 81
b) End credits : 84

a) Summary
2008: Our world faces an unprecedented global food crisis resulting from unexpected changes in demand, supply,the cost of production and the use of food. On top of these drastic variations, climatic change is accountable for severe shortages.
The increasing Chinese middle class is consuming more meat, but each unit of pork consumed requires 6 extra units of grain. Fuel prices keep on reaching new records and show no sign of returning to previous levels. In a bid for energy independence, the USAsubsidizes the now highly-contested production of corn-based ethanol, applying further pressure on the prices of all cereals as grain acres are converted to corn production. Meanwhile, in Mauritania, desert farmers now spend 100% of their income on food they can no longer afford.
Predicted by Thomas Malthus in his Essay on the Principle of Population (1798), as the arithmetic progression of food...
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