Is mice and men pessimistic or optimistic?

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Is the novel optimistic or pessimistic?

I would say that this novel is optimistic and pessimistic.
First of all, it is optimistic because we can see that everyone has a dream, like Georgeand Lennie, they want to have their own farm and land and be independent; and so it shows that we can all wish that our dream can become true if we work hard to get it.
But this book is partlypessimistic:
First, the racism, John Steinbeck shows how black people were treated. No one in the farm talks to Crooks because his skin is black, so they just ignore him and they don’t let him goin the bunk house. It is very pessimistic because it was like that every where in America, white people didn’t talk to black people and they were discriminated.
Second of all, there is a lotof violence in this book. Curley, because he is the boss’s son, thinks he can do anything he wants and throughout the book he is always going to attack Lennie. The only thing Curley wants is having afight, but it is just when Lennie brakes him his hand (without wanting it) that he stops annoying him.
At the end of the story, when Lennie kills Curley’s wife, we can see that Curley doesn’t reallycare, he is just happy to have an excuse to kill Lennie.
Then, we can see that lots of people weren’t rich, people like George, Lennie, Crooks and other ones, had to find a job. Most of themworked in a farm, all day long which was very tarrying, and were only paid fifty bucks a month, which today would really be nothing.
It is the same for Curley’s wife, her dream was to be a Hollywoodstar, but because she was too young, she was forced to find a husband so that she could live, and have food and a house.
…….Then, like I was saying, women weren’t treated that well after all, becausethey weren’t aloud to work, and in the book no one talks to Curley’s wife, because they are scared of what Curley could say . I think women were really board half of the time because they had...
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