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Japan is an archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean and mainly composed by four largest islands that are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku. This country is about 1/3 of France in terms of superficial and is known for problems such as earthquakes and overpopulation problems.
The other main clichés that we have when we think about this country are that the people who come from it are smiling and very polite people. Physically they are tiny and look like Chinese although they are from a very different culture.
They are also found of sushi and new technology maybe because of the image we have of traditional Japanese restaurants, high technological products that they export all over the world and the famous tourist buses full of Japanese that you can see in Paris.
Japan, or “land of the rising sun” is more than that because it’s nowadays a major economic power with the second largest economy in the world mainly for its important rate of exportations and importations (as it is an island, they have to import a lot products and especially food).
Japan has also the highest life expectancy in the world as Japanese people live until more or less 100 years. As the country’s population average age of the population is high, there are a lot of issues about the cost that represent the care of old people in Japan. Indeed, even some members of the government have been proposing to “export” aged people to Malaysia in order to solve economic problems linked to these issues.
After the second world war, the country was divided in two groups of people, these who wanted to collaborate with other countries (friendly countries and non-friendly countries) and those who wanted to keep on fighting with other

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