La puissance des usa

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Superbroke, superfrugal, superpower ?

1 / Why will the role of the US as the world's superpower be reduced in the coming decade ?

The U.S. role has increased significantly since the end of theSecond World War. The success of the Cold War and the emergence of a unipolar world around this country has strengthened the power of the U.S on the planet. But today, things have changed and the U.S.role is decreasing. The U.S. are becoming a country less and less powerful and there are several reasons to explain this fact.

The first and almost the main reason is the Great Recession of 2008.The U.S. economy suffered a serious crisis with many consequences: rising inequality in the population, failure of industrial and financial empires such as General Motors and Lehman Brothers andcollapse of the U.S. reputation around the world. Now the country is obliged to take decision and make concession. America should lead its people with a different way, with a “taking things away frompeople” policy. Moreover, the U.S have to improve their taxation policy to promote the establishment of a more social economy and a new medical system. It will transform the public life and the watchwordwill be “less” instead of “more”. In a same time, the U.S role in the international defense will decrease to save money and because the means are not abundant. It's an important fact for the Americaneconomy, because it was a way to promote the American public goods.

To conclude, the role of the U.S will reduce in the next decade for several reasons such as the end of an unipolar world, thefail of the U.S army and the U.S reputation and the desire to change the way of lead the country. But it's a good thing to develop a social policy more useful inside the country.

2 /In your opinion,is a reduction in US power a good thing for the international community ?

In my opinion, I think a reduction in US power is not really a good thing for the prosperity in the rest of the world but...
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