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BBH100/BBH101 Stereo Bluetooth headphoneS uSer Manual

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User’s guide


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Thank you for purchasing the Bluetooth stereo headphone from BEEWI. Please read the following instructions to learn how to configure and usemore effectively your product. INTRODUCTION The Stereo headphones BBH100/BBH101 can be used both as a hands-free headset and a stereo music headphone. Bluetooth 2.1+EDR compliant, It is compatible with all Bluetooth compliant devices using HFP and A2DP profiles such as mobile phones and music players and also supports Dual AirTm streaming (check www.bee-wi.com for compatibility statement). 1.Product description 1. Charging plug 2. Adjustable headband 3. Indicator lights 4. key: Play / pause 5. key : manage ingoing and outgoing calls 6. Volume wheel (+)/(–) track skipping 7. On/Off switch 8. microphone


2. Specifications Bluetooth Version Bluetooth Profiles Range Use time Communication Standby time Power Charging Time Dimensions Weight
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR HSP, HFP, A2DP,AVRCP

Class 2, 10 metre music: Up to 25 hours Up to 25 hours Up to 200 hours +5.0±0.3 VA Around 4 hours 180x180x69 mm +/- 3% BBH100: 158g BBH101: 140g +/- 2g

3. Charging the headphones make sure that your headphone is fully charged for 5 hours before you start using it. Connect the USB cable provided to your PC and to the charging connector (1) of the headphone. Use only the USB cableprovided as using other devices may damage your headphone. When the indicator lights are solid red, your headphone is charging. When the lights turn off, the headphone is fully charged. 4. Wearing the headphones The Headband of this headphone is adjustable according to your size by pulling out the earphones.


5. Pairing with a phone or other device Before you use your headphone you mustpair it up with a mobile phone or/and another Bluetooth enabled device. - Switch on your headphones - Put the headphone into pairing mode: when the headphone is turned off, press and hold the mFB until the indicator light is blinking blue/red. - Set your mobile phone or other device to ‘discover’ the headphone following your phone's instruction guide. - Your phone will find the “BeeWiBBH100/BBH101” and ask if you want to pair with it. Accept and confirm with the passkey or PIN = 0000 (4 zeros). Your phone o r other device will confirm when pairing is complete. After successful connecting, the blue light of the headphone blinks twice every 4 seconds. In case of unsuccessful pairing repeat steps 1 to 3. To connect another device, repeat the process after switching off the first device. 6.Connection et use The last phone paired will always reconnect when switching on the headphones. If connection is lost, it is possible to manually reconnect by pressing ( ). You can use ( ) key for answering, initiate or end a call, ( ) key to play or pause music and volume wheel to adjust sound volume and change tracks. For more information, see section 7. Note : In case the mobile phone isconnected in both HFP Hands free profile and A2DP stereo music profile, the hands-free profile will be prioritized when a call is received or sent. As soon as the call ends, the music will start again automatically. Note : You can connect two devices at the same time to enjoy handsfree communication and music streaming, only if they are using different profiles (one is using HFP, the other AD2P). Whenone profile is being used by one device, it cannot be used by another. After having paired the headphone with your mobile phone, you can pair it with your music player or PC. The music player will use audio streaming profiles (A2DP and AVRCP), so you can use music playback and remote control features and the phone will use the hands-free profiles so you can use the phone features. Note : In order...
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