Le tourisme en espagne

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Tourism is the main source of incomes for the Spanish economy (10% of national employment), the leading industry of the country (12% GDP), and a very profitable industryfor Spain because this economy was able to meet the almost totality of the trade balance. This is why tourism is crucial in Spain. However, tourism in Spain today is in decline and has become apriority for the Spanish government so that the current crisis in Spain did not become a tourism crisis.

In a first part, we will analyze what are the causes of drops in number of visits of tourism inSpain. Then, in a second part we will present different strengths and weaknesses of tourism in Spain. Finally, we will show, in a third party, what are the measures and strategies implemented by theSpanish government.

There exist several reasons of the tourism situation which are affecting Spain.
The country has a hotel infrastructure very precarious because of its seniority. Indeed, mosthotels have not been renovated since their construction (60 years). The picturesque landscapes of the seaside disappeared and were replaced by HLM on sea as unaesthetic as imposing.
Another factorrelates to tourism of sun and beach. This principle holiday was the highlight of Spain which proposed mainly this activity through its 6 000 km of coastline. However, this type of tourism no longer meetsthe expectations of tourists who seek other things such as cultural activities.
Moreover, the capacity of public utilities is well too much lower than the number of tourists who arrive each year, anaverage of 40 million visitors, a number of tourists higher than the Spanish population. At the end, the artificial cities expected to provide the rest and peace, alike traditional cities in rushhour.
Lastly, one of the strong points of Spain still a few years was low prices, offering tourists a purchasing power gravitational. However, with the entry of Spain into the Euro zone, replacing...
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