Le vieux qui lisait des romans d'amours

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HR 2303 Instructions for use & recipes Mode d’emploi & recettes Gebrauchsanweisung & Rezepte Gebruiksaanwijzing & recepten Istruzioni per l’uso & ricette Instrucciones de manejo & recetas Modo de emprêgo & receitas

English Page 4 • Keep page 3 open when reading these operating instructions. Français Page 11 • Pour le mode d'emploi: dépliez la page 3. Deutsch • Schlagen Sie beim Lesen derGebrauchsanweisung Seite 3 auf. Seite 18

Nederlands Pagina 25 • Sla bij het lezen van de gebruiksaanwijzing pagina 3 op. Italiano Pagina 32 • Prima di usare l'apparecchio, aprite la pagina 3 e leggete attentamente le istruzioni per l'uso. Español Página 39 • Desplegar la página 3 al leer las instrucciones de manejo. Português Página 46 • Durante a leitura do modo de emprêgo, desdobre e verifique apág. 3.








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Important • Read the instructions for use in conjunction with the illustrations (page 3) before using the appliance. • When making ice-cream, hygiene is of utmost importance. Make sure that all parts of the Ice-Cream Maker are thoroughly clean: especially the partsthat come into contact with the mixture. • Prevent the ingredients to freeze on to the cooling container so that the stirrer cannot rotate anymore. - Only put ingredients into the container while the stirrer is rotating. - Do not switch off until the ice-cream is ready. • Never exceed the quantities indicated by the recipes. • If the mains cord of this appliance is damaged, it must be replaced by theoriginal type only. Please apply to your Philips dealer or to the Philips organisation in your country for replacement. General description (fig. 1) A Motor unit B On/off switch C Release knob for removing the motor unit from the cover D Release knob to detach the cover with motor unit from the bowl E Mains cord F Cover (4822 441 80844)* G Aperture for filling H Stirrer (4822 690 40257)* ICooling container (HR 2996)* J Bowl (4822 418 40897)* * For replacement: please apply to your dealer and refer to these numbers. Tip: An extra cooling container (HR 2996) will enable you to prepare larger quantities or two different tastes. How does the Ice-Cream Maker work? The frozen cooling container is located inside the bowl. This container quickly cools down the mixture of ingredients, whilst thestirrer continues 4

to operate. The freezing mixture is stirred until it has changed into ice-cream. The time this takes depends greatly on the type of ice-cream mixture (25-45 minutes). Note: The cooling container is filled with a nontoxic saline solution. Dismantling - Move the slide in the direction of the arrow and turn the top of the Ice-Cream Maker in the direction of the arrow (fig. 2).- Pull the stirrer from the motor unit (fig. 3). - Press the release knob and remove the motor unit from the cover (fig. 4). - Remove the cooling container from the bowl (fig. 5). Cleaning • Ensure that the plug has been removed from the mains socket, before starting to clean the Ice-Cream Maker. • Dismantle the Ice-Cream Maker completely after use. • Wash the cover (not the motor unit!), thestirrer and the bowl in warm soapy water. Wash the cooling container in lukewarm soapy water (max. 40° C/100° F). (Do not wash these items in a dishwasher.) • The motor unit may be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Never immerse the motor unit into water or rinse. Freezing the cooling container Make sure that the cooling container is ready for use. • The cooling container can be brought to operatingtemperature in a (deep)freezer or in the freezer compartment of yyy or yyyy fridge. (Note: the cooling container must be at -18° C / 0° F or colder.) • On average it takes 18 hours to freeze the cooling container down to the operating temperature. • Ensure that the cooling container is clean and dry prior to being frozen. Keep the cooling container with the bottom downwards in a wellclosed plastic...
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  • Le vieux qui lisait des romans d'amour
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  • Le vieux qui lisait des romans d'amour

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