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E-mail's about to get better
Tristan Goguen, The Globe and Mail, October 2004 (abridged) E-mail was once the undisputed killer application for theInternet. It was the ideal tool for business, changing the way we communicate. But then something happened. Someone discovered spam and unleashed a flood of junk mail* that has handicapped thiscommunication tool.
5 Things got worse. Hackers discovered e-mail and spam were great ways to sneak viruses and spyware into other people's computers. Fraud artists discovered the convenience andeffectiveness of "phishing," drafting phoney e-mails that look like they were sent from a bank or on-line auction site, requesting personal account information. We have seen a slew of answers* trying to combatthe problems e-mail has inherited. We have 10 anti-virus, anti-spam and even government folks looking at what can be done. Soon, you will be hearing more about something called Sender ID.

SenderID is like a key to your home. If someone has the right key to your house, they are able to enter because they are typically authorized to do so. Sender ID is similar. If someone sends you an e-mailfrom an authorized source (ie. their e-mail server), then they are allowed to enter 15 your inbox because they have the proper key that has been verified. What this means is if someone was sending youan e-mail from a bank, Sender ID will verify the source where the e-mail originated from, which would be the bank's e-mail system. This is not something that can be easily spoofed. If it is, then thebank has some more serious security concerns to deal with. If someone outside of the bank was trying to pose as the bank in an e20 mail, Sender ID would identify the true source or location of the...
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