London during ww2

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In 1939, Hitler had unleashed the world's first blitzkrieg on Poland. In response, the prime minister of this moment, Neville Chamberlain presented an ultimatum to Germany : ifthey don’t cease the invasion of Poland, Great Britain will enter in war with them. Hitler ignored the ultimatum. The war was declared. The prime minister interrupted the regular radio broadcasts inLondon to announce that Britain and Germany were at war. London’s air raid sirens began to ring. It was not an exercise.
The evacuation of London began and was apparently a triumph for all concerned.The evacuated people of London were taken in schools centre, where they can rest and eat.
The Luftwaffe tried to destroy the RAF air fields in preparation for the German invasion of the island. ButHitler abandoned the idea of invade the Britain because the RAF was too stronger for the Luftwaffe. So, Hitler turned his attention to destroying London in an attempt to demoralize the population andforce the British to come to terms. The London Blitz began the 7th September 1940. The 7th September 1940, 348 German bombers escorted by 617 fighters blasted London from 4pm to 6pm. Two hours later,guided by the fires set by the first assault, a second group of raiders commenced another attack that lasted until 4:30 the following morning. It was the beginning of the Blitz : a period of intensebombing of London and other cities that continued until the following May. For the next consecutive 57 days, London was bombed either during the day or night. Residents of London sought shelter whereverthey could find it, many fleeing to the Underground stations that sheltered as many as 177,000 people during the night. In the worst single incident, 450 persons were killed when a bomb destroyed aschool being used as an air raid shelter. People said that Londoners and the world were introduced to a new weapon of terror and destruction in the arsenal of twentieth century warfare. The London...
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