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The Context
1. The firm's domestic and international environment
2. A functional analysis of the firm

General policy
1. Study of the objectives, strategy, global policy
2. Analysis of the firm's governance
3. Analysis of the management style and organizational culture,

Critical analysis
1. An assessment of the organization
2. Analysis of theresults and measurement of the managerial team performance the last five years
About “Upstream business segment”

|Oil and gas production |Proved oil and gas reserves |Proved reserves by region (in Mboe) |
|(en kboe/d) |(in Mboe) | ||[pic] |[pic] |[pic] |

About “Downstream” business sector:

|Refined product sales and Trading |Refining capacity at December 31 |Refinery throughput (in kb/d) |
|(in kb/d) |(in kb/d)| |
|[pic] |[pic] |[pic] |

About “Chemicals” Business sector:

|Non-group sales in 2009 (€ billion) |Sales by region in 2009 (%) |Adjusted net operating income in 2009 |
|| |(€ million) |
|[pic] |[pic] |[pic] |
I. Analysis of Total’s short term and long term objectives

A. Meeting the demand for energy
One of Total’s principalobjectives is to be able to meet future energy demands that are quickly growing more and more each year. This demand grows as former third world countries develop into mass producers and as other areas of the world become more reliant on energy. This means that Total hopes to find new solutions to managing energy in order to offer customers with a better range of energy saving products. Meeting anever growing demand is made even more difficult given the environmental context that we are now living in today. Environmental challenges such as damage to the ozone layer and global warming are becoming issues of greater conflict and therefore the challenge of addressing the world’s energy become ever more difficult.
On the whole, Total is a group that is geared towards long term objectives of 10or 20 years. This is because it is important to take into account what the energy situation will be at this time. Total hopes to be able to address shortage of energy suppliers for a twenty year time period by researching new ways of exploiting fossil fuel sources. The group, however, realizes that it cannot address the demand by just utilizing oil and gas alone. In order to fully address the needfor energy it will be necessary to exploit other sources such as solar energy, wind power and hydroelectric power.

B. The preservation of the environment
Yet another crucial objective of Total is to research and discover new technologies that will help address the reoccurring and ongoing problems that the environment is now facing. More concretely this means inventing a new energy model thatuses a mixture of both fossil fuels and low-carbon energy sources.
The other aspect of environment conservation that Total hopes to improve in the next 20 years is diminishing the harmful impact on the environment and the ecosystem of the countries where they exploit. The main aim of Total is to conduct research about the different areas that they exploit in order to gain a better grasp about...
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