Martin luther

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We presented the life of Martin Luther King.
Martin Luther King is an important person in American history because he fought for the rights of Black people like Rosa Parks.
MLK was born in 1929 in Atlanta in Georgia. Georgia is a southern state and most (the majority of) black people lived in the south.
His father was a pastor. He studied philosophy in Boston and after, he became a black pastor. He began non violent actions to stop segregations. Definition of racial segregation is the physical separation of people of different origins (by colour).
MLK was the leader of the civil rights movements between 1950(thousand nine hundred and fifty) and 1960(thousand nine hundred and sixty).
He wanted to stop segregation in America because at that time black people were victims of discrimination.
Black people hadn’t right to vote, go to the same schools as whites so they didn’t have the same rights as whites.
They couldn’t use buses because they would give seats to whites. (It’s the story of Rosa Parks)
In 1954, he married with Coretta Scott and they had 4 (four) children.
He delivered a famous speech August 28, 1963 before the Lincoln Memorial in Washington during the march for jobs and freedom: "I have a dream"
In 1964, he was awarded the Nobel peace prize but he was assassinated by a white fanatic in 1968.
He was awarded posthumously the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977, the gold medal of Congress in

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