Money can buy love ?

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 Do you believe that money can buy love?

For some of us, love is a human invention that has been created to reassure the humanity of the lonely side of life. But who had never felt the skilled sensation to be infatuated with someone? Love is maybe the most complicate human’s feeling. By love, a man can change and make tremendous things, but this man can also make huge mistakes and suffer for a long time. For all that, this man can buy love with money? To answer to this question, we’ll first see that love, considering by a certain point of view, can be bought, then we we’ll show an interest to a point of view more subjective that erase this idea.

First of all, let’s take the example of Gatsby, a character of F. Fitzgerald that climbed the social ladders and become suddenly billionaire. This man had a love affair with a young girl, Daisy, five years ago. He decided to invite this girl to show her all his fortune and so he hopes he could win back her heart again. Let’s make the hypothesis that this girl, impressing by all this luxury, finally fall in love. With this point of view, we could say that love is buying with money. But does she fall in love with Gatsby or rather with his fortune? This question expose the limits of this vision of love.
Then, considering the popular expression that says that ‘money don’t buy happiness’, we can argue that ‘money don’t buy love’. Indeed, happiness is quite dependent of love. And the example of a couple who feel a equally love and who, despite the fact they are poor, are happy, shows that money can’t buy love. Otherwise, how those lovers could be in love ? In a certain point of view love is something that can be acquire by the time and the frankness and for others, love at first sight and soul mate are things that exist. But in my opinion, love is something initially present between two persons and that will be building with time, comprehension, dialogue, good moments, confidence and presence of a common goal. Now, money

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