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My city would be named moontown. It would be created in 2210 in the same time as the air product machine. Of course, it would be situated onthe moon. It would be designed by Kyle Armstrong a scion of Neil Armstrong. The city would be built under a big glassy bell.

The city would becontrolled by the UN so everybody could buy a house in moontown, there would be all social classes in that town, prices of houses would be arranged for everyone.It would be an extreme council housing. The UN would take care of selling houses. If somebody would had a bad attitude, the UN could send him on theearth.

There would be many things to do in moontown. The air making factory would give a lot of work to people. Pollution would be forbidden , it would beforbidden to smoke, to use cars... So people would move on subways or they would walk, it would not be tiring beacause there is no gravity on the moon.Amusement park using missing gravity would be built. Of course, we could watch the Earth, it would be a wonderful panorama. There would be many other thingsto do as in all bigs citys: walking in the park, video games arcades. If you lived on earth, you could visit moontown beacause spaceships would take offevery days.there would be most important airport of the universe.

In my town, I would like to be a spaceship driver. At the week end I would like todrive a buggy in the craters of the moon and I would like to watch the Earth. My town would be quiet everyone who would live here would like to be in peace.
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