My dream destination

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I think,my dream destination is in Australia in Sidney.I like this town. I've even gone here because my aunt lives here. I went to Sidney five years ago. So i've few souvenirs. But these souvenirs are wonderful.
In the first time,I love this destination because the weather is always beautiful.The sun shines and there'are not a lot of cloud and i like it .

Given that there is a sea there are many activities nautical : the surfing, the dive, the bronzing, the bathing, all which reminds in holidays... I don’t appreciate this place because there‘s the sea and the landscape splandide .

It's also my dream destination because i love English culture and over there it is the mixture of culture that I estimate a lot..
I love highly-rated Americain with taxis, coffee has to take, pubs, big shops, the recent architecture,the fast-food ...

And i think the life is more pleasant .The people don't be stressfull they are cool ,they hanging out more than in France. I like this mentality .
The mixed of Aborigenes and of the exotic vegetation which makes of this place a dream destination.

When I went to Australia I really liked the big shopping mall of Manly with all these shops and its big gaming room. There is also a street of Manly where it is necessary to eat a fish and chips . And go to walking on beach where there are people who surf what is in the same time interesting and fascinating .
It’s for all these things that i love

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