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New York, city of the oriental rib of the United States, situated in the State of New York, on the Atlantic Ocean in the mouth of Hudson.

It is the most important conglomeration of the United States and one of the biggest world metropolises. Its power and its brilliance practice the global scale

Taking advantage of a geographic situation to particular, the site of New York consist of the islands of Hudson which bloom with an interior gulf of 7 – 8 kilometres wide.

The city is formed by five districts : in the center, Manhattan ; Bronx, in the northeast ; Brooklyn and Queens, in the western extremity of Long Island ; Richmond, on the Southern island of Staten Island.

Bridge towards the American continent for successive waves of European and Asian immigrants, New York is characterized by its cosmopolitanism.


The stock Exchange at Wall Street

The economic, political and cultural weight of New York is considerable, national and international. The commercial districts of Manhattan (Wall Street, Rockfeller Center) shelter the biggest banking concentration of the world make of New York the financial capital of the western world. The American metropolis is also the biggest center trades.

There are three airports at New York (The Guardia and John F. Kennedy in the Queens, Neward in the New Jersey).


New York

In 1811 the city adopted the principle of the plan in checkerboard for sin town planning.

The creation of green spaces goes back up in the years 1850-1870, with the garden which took later the name of Exchange Park when it was contained within the town. Drawn by the landscape architects Frederic Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, he extends over 340 hectares, of 59 in 110 Street. The XIX th century was also characterized by the concentration of types of population in certain district as Chinatown, where the Chinese immigrants settled down from

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