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Yes I know, I know ...
I am Fatima-zahra Lagrou and I know you admire me ...
Yes, yes, applaud me ...

Hum… Wouldn't you have forgotten something… or someone?
Hello and welcome to theprogramme. I’m Soukaïna Filali.
Let’s go trough some breaking news from all around the world.

(On sort les journaux)

First of all, back on Japan. As everyone knows, the country is currentlyliving really hard times. In addition to the human disaster caused by the 11th of March tsunami, the Japanese economy goes from bad to worse. The nuclear threath still makes people tremble world-wide.The water has already been contaminated in a large part of the country.

Well that is really bad for the Sushi’s fans… They will have to wait long before 
enjoy again their disgusting little rawfish….

Note that coffee lovers will be also disappointed because off the continuing political crisis in Cote d'Ivoire, where Laurent Gbagbo and El Hassan Wattara continue to play with thepower. Then select your ranks and above your new coffee brand. 
A outrageous political crisis but it shocks anyone, especially for Africa, still marked by the colonization ...

But why the US governmentdoesn’t intervene ?

Oh! I did not know that you were smart! For the first time in your life you ask a real question
So, that's what we'll see after the ads

Fatty : Tantantaratantaratantaratantan/ Souk tape
Publicité 1 – Médicament
A : *Kof kof*
B : Looks like you’ve catched a cold !
A : Yeah… *kof kof* (Se mouche)
B : I’ve got the solution for you. Takethis! (Sort un paquet de comprimés avec un faux nom de médicament, style « Super Medicine 3000 »)
A : Ooooh ! Thank you !
B : No, thank « Super Medicine 3000 » ! (Pointe le paquet dudoigt avec un grrrand sourire)

Publicité 2 – Parfum
A marche et B fait le bruit des pas (tak tak tak). A tend le parfum (B : pchitpchit). A « J’adoare » B « By Dioar »
Fatty :...
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