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Saturday, November 7, 2009

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Doubts About Obama

Todd Heisler/THe New York Times

The United states and europe still have tensions over issues like Afghanistan and iran. President obama joined NATo leaders on the French-German border in April.


Marrakesh, Morocco HE ELECTION OF BarackObama as president of the United States seemed to most Europeans to be unadulterated good news, marking an end to the perceived unilateralism and indifference to allied views of former President George W. Bush. But nine months into Mr. Obama’s presidency, transAtlantic relations are again clouded by doubts. Europe and the United States remain at least partly out of sync on Afghanistan, the MiddleEast, Iran and climate change. Many Europeans argue that Mr. Obama has not broken clearly enough with Bush administration policies that they dislike, while some Americans argue that the

An initial euphoria after the end of the Bush era gives way to a transAtlantic ‘spiral of dissatisfaction’ . . .
Europeans are too passive, watching Mr. Obama struggle with difficult issues, like Afghanistanand the detention center at Guantánamo Bay, without providing much substantive help. Mr. Obama remains popular with the European public, but a senior European official said that he was worried about an underlying disaffection. “It’s dangerous, because we must not get into a spiral of dissatisfaction on both sides,” he said. These generalizations lack real

substance, he said, but the criticismruns that “the U.S. thinks that Europeans don’t want to do anything to help and the Europeans feel that the U.S. is naïve and not delivering enough.” Another senior European official said that for “all the talk of multilateralism” and the European contribution of aid and NATO troops to the fight against the Taliban, which has brought more than 500 European deaths, Afghanistan remained an Americanshow. “Europeans are sitting around waiting for Washington to decide what the Afghanistan policy is going to be,” he said. On Iran, Europeans, and especially the French, are concerned that Mr. Obama could sacrifice the principle Continued on Page 4

TO OuR READERS After seven years, this is the last International Weekly section that will be published in Le Monde. Le Monde has been happy to offerthis supplement, and The New York Times has appreciated its collaboration in the project.


A pilgrimage to Sorte Mountain.

why eat at a michelin-rated restaurant when you can learn how to slaughter a boar?
Craigslist’s barter section have increased, and the trading site U-Exchange.com has seen an influx of participants from Spain, South Africa, Britain and the United States,reported The Times. One user, Rich Rowley, who owns R House Construction in Washington, offered remodeling and home repairs in exchange for dental care and a boat. “We have to learn to adapt to the changing landscape,” he told The Times. “Part of that is bartering. The exciting thing is this is another part of the puzzle that gets us to where we’re going.” And that place just might be from theground up.


Spanish film’s greatest partnership.


Consumers take Control
They’re hungry, they’re critical, they’re creative, and they’re rising up against the status quo, the tried and true. Restaurants, LENS fashion magazines, Hollywood and even plain and simple cash had better watch out as their power diminishes and a new order bubbles up. Away from whitetableclothrestaurants, gourmands are gathering off the radar. They are learning how to slaughter a 70-kilogram boar at a guerrilla cooking school, or indulging in ambitious meals in unlicensed restaurants in apartments in cities like New Yorkand London. “Mainstream it’s not — and that’s just how the organizers like it,” wrote The Times’s Melena Ryzik. For comments, write to nytweekly@ nytimes.com. These...
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