On what conditions would you accept an alliance with unilever? also, discuss the points under task 3 in your book regarding concessions and compromises.

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On what conditions would you accept an alliance with Unilever? Also, discuss the points under task 3 in your book regarding concessions andcompromises.

Unilever would have to be entirely clear and trustful according to their actions and involvement in the different companies. Thatmeans a continuous control of how their companies are being managed and if the contracts are being respected. A very detailed list of the actions thatwould need to be taken would have to be created in order to follow the decisions. Niall Fitzerald would probably respond positively since it ishim that first thought of this alliance, and would then be ready to make some changes to improve the management and the regulation. Even though hewould certainly not agree with everything, compromises would be made. Fair trade is one of the main points to develop with investments in newcommunity projects as well as the commitment in the respect of the dispositions taken.
It is possible for two companies with seemingly differentculture to merge and work together especially if the CEOs have a lot in common. That would allow both companies to discover new way of work, learnform from another. That is how they can evolve, and we would even say it is better to have different culture so to analyze it and maybe correct itand even improve it. They can see what would have a stronger impact and is more powerful to expand their policy and develop their sustainable system.
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