Paul auster - brooklyn follies (analyse, chapitres 3/4)

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Paul Auster Brooklyn Follies Chapitres 3 et 4 ♫Characters The characters in those chapters are the narrator, Nathan and his nephew, Tom whose surname is « Dr Thumb ». Marina, the Cosmic Diner’s waiter is mentioned along with Harry, a man who runs a cheap book’s store in Brooklyn, a Tom’s acquaintance. ♫Places There are a few places named in those chapters : The Cosmic Diner where the main character have the habit of having a lunch as he said us in the first chapter, Harry’s store on Seventh Avenue, Tom’s appartment settled on the corner Eighth Avenue and Third Street, any Brooklyn’s places like Times Square or the Brooklyn Bridge are also mentioned throughout the 4th chapter. ♫Themes Different themes are present in the chapter 2 and 3. Economy, money and business : Tom tells his oncle about the different jobs (always temporary) he had to do to survive or he tried to do (taxi driver, teaching job,, etc.), his cheap studio apartment and the deal he has done, the easy money... Evolution of life an its difficulties, brunt of memory : Nathan remembers nostalgically about the former success of his nephew, Tom’s bad evolution of life is described, the two mens exchange some remembrances. Journey : through the travel in cab in Brooklyn Hunting for happiness in our society Despair and toughness of life : Tom has already thought about suicide. ♫The author’s style and figures The irony is still present but less used. We can pick up flashbacks like in the previous chapters. Paul Auster likes contrasting his writing with gross and vulgar images and the beauty of words, impressive quotations. The impression of reality always submerges the reader because of mentioned places which truly exist, it’s as though we’d been in Brooklyn with the characters. ♫Summary In those chapters, Nathan and his nephew go out to lunch at the famous Cosmic Diner. The two men are talking about their family, their

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