Pers my antonia

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1er passage toute l’intro.
Book 1 :
2e : Chap 1 « i first heard… so far west »
3e: chap 2 -“I do not remember…There’s nobody about”
- “She was a spare...Of unusual endurance”
- “My grandfathersaid little…working for grandfather”
4e: Chap2 “ As I looked about me…it comes as naturally as sleep”
5e: Chap3 –“The bohemian family…But Bohemians has a natural distrust of Austrians.”
-“Very gladvery glad!...And the boy smiled knowingly”
6e : Chap 4 –“All the years that have passed…Always seem to me the roads of freedom”
-“ Antonia had opinions about everything…How to get rid of him (findu chap.)”
7e : Chap 5 “We knew that things were hard for…and set in a new place.”
8e : Chap 7 “We were examining a big hole…was racing up from the rear”
9e : chap 8 “When Pavel and Peter wereyoung men…where gangs of Russians were employed”
10e : Chap 10 –“Grandmother looked up in alarm…And looking about accusingly at every one”
-“Mr. Shimerda made grandmother sit down…And the bitterweather had disheartened them all”
-“That night, while grandmother was getting supper…In some deep Bohemian forest (fin du chap.)”
11e: Chap 12 –“At about four o’clock…people are good he said quietly”(fin chap)
-Chap 13 “One morning, during the interval of fine weather…For Ambrosch my Mama come here”
12e: Chap 14 “Presently grandfather came in…The country with no roads to guide him (fin chap)13e: Chap 16 “Mr. Shimerda lay dead in the barn…Like long veils flying ( Les paroles de la prière)
14e: Chap 18 “After I began to go the country school…She would follow the matter up”
15e: Chap 19“July came on with the breathless…But they will be hard for us(fin chap)”
BOOK 2 :
16e: Chap 2 “Grandmother often said that if she had to live in town…She has it in her to be a real helpful girl”
17e:Chap 4 “Frances drew her chair up nearer to the visitor…When she would still have been in pinafores”
18e: Chap 7 “The door from the office opened…The doctor came and gave him opium”
19e: Chap 9...
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