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Iraq Crisis


First of all I’m gonna tell you why I chose to talk about this topic. Basically I wanted to deal with a subject in my presentation that’d be able to bring out the interest of all of you. Moreover I wanted a current subject that was polemical enough to be able to discuss and to debate. That’s why I’m gonna talk about Iraq Crisis. Obviously this topic is pretty vastto be able to talk about the whole problem.
So I’m gonna make a description of the facts chronologically with an analysis of them, and eventually we’re gonna see the different opinions and the tensions that provokes this crisis.


Little introduction of the chronological aspect

The first Gulf War, led by the current American President’s father George Bush, ended up with thevictory of the United States, but also with the dictator Saddam Hussein remaining at the head of Iraq, for the American didn’t wanna destabilize the different force relations in this part of the World.
The attack on September 11th 2001, awakened the fears of terrorist acts because of the Iraqi tyrant’s upholding. From the next day after the attack, Bush junior defined the Axis of Evil, embodied bySaddam Hussein. With that event, Iraq crisis has just begun.

1. Description of the facts

Since the attack, George W. Bush has endeavored to concentrate his assaults on Iraq giving a possible discovery of weapons of mass destruction as a pretext, despite the rising power of another country that is North Korea that owns for sure this kind of weapons. In order to be able to establish his legitimacyand to act with the support of the public opinion, the American president wished since the beginning to obtain the backing of the UN. George Bush certainly expecting the refusal of Baghdad for the inspectors’ return whose work was to determine the offensive capacity of Iraq and the destruction of weapons of mass destruction, the war was to take place quickly.
Yet on September 16th 2002, SaddamHussein accepted immediately the return of the inspectors and decided, more or less willingly, to collaborate with the UN. Then the arm-wrestling match between the UN and the United States has just begun. It is pretty obvious that the return of the inspectors may not please the dictator, but this unconditional acceptance compel the American authorities to give the inspectors more time to examinethe premises.
On November 8th 2002, the Security Council of the UN voted unanimously a new resolution on the disarmament of Iraq. The 1441 Resolution orders Saddam Hussein to destroy all his programs of weapons of mass destruction or a resort to force may be used. At that time, all these nations agreed to show firmness towards the Iraqi regime.
The cooperation from Baghdad is certainly not totalbut things seem to go on the right way. In the meantime, Bush is getting impatient and several hundreds of thousands of soldiers are sent to Iraq borders.
The arm-wrestling match goes on, George W. Bush gives his opinion on several occasions for a quick military strike, and he cannot indeed draw back anymore, given the deployment of troops that is already done.
Since then, the president Chirac,followed by the German chancellor Gerhard Schröder and by the Russian president Vladimir Poutine, tries to federate those who say “no to war”, those who’re for the carrying out of the inspections in order to disarm within peace.
Europe and even the entire world seem to be divided between the American’s allies and the war opponents. Moreover The battle’s raging in the Security Council where France,Russia and China have the possibility to put their veto on the contingency of a disarmament by force.
Yet the possibility of war seems bound to happen, for the American president revealed publicly his plans to prepare “the post-Saddam”. Indeed on February 26th 2003, the American president said that the disarmament wasn’t the only aim. He wants a change of government, Saddam Hussein’s exile and...
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