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Point of contention 
1947: Partition Plan for Palestine was passed by the United Nations in November 29, 1947. In this plan, the Jewish state occupies 55% of the territory with 558,000Jews and 405,000 Arabs. The Palestinian state regroups 804 000 Arabs and 10 000 Jews. An international zone includes the holy places in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Its population of 200,000 inhabitants isalmost balanced. The partition plan was rejected. We can note the discontinuity of the two states.

1949: The Birth of the State of Israel was proclaimed on 1, May 1948. This announcement caused theentry into the war of neighboring Arab states which invade Palestine. The Israeli army took quickly over on the armies of Arab divided states. Its advance caused the exodus of 800,000 Palestiniansrefugees. The Israeli state is pushing the initial boundaries and won third of its territory, including the western part of Jerusalem which becomes the capital of Israel. On 11 May 1949, Israel isrecognized internationally and became a member of the UNO.

1967: Following the 6 Day War, Israel conquered the Sinai and Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the Golan. Soon after, colonization ofthese territories began.

2000: After years of war, Egypt was the first Arab state to sign, in 1978, a peace agreement with Israel. In return, Israel gives back to Egypt the Sinai in 1982. OnDecember 14, 1981 Israel annexes the Golan permanently. Jordan and Egypt do not claim the West Bank and Gaza Strip which are territories of the future Palestinian state. However, the creation of thePalestinian state, as provided in the agreements, never took place and the Palestinian territories are still under Israeli occupation. Created in territories that were originally Egyptian and Jordanian, thefuture Palestinian state suffers from a lack of territorial continuity.

Israeli-Arab population
Israeli Arabs refer to Palestinians holding Israeli citizenship. Jewish populations...
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