Portrait of the usa

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Portrait of the USA

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1. (People): One From Many

2. (Geography): From Sea to Shining Sea

3. (History): Toward the City on a Hill

4. (Government): A Responsive Government

5. (Business): The Business of America

6. (Education): A Diverse Educational System

7. (Science & Medicine): A Republic of Science

8. (Religion): Separating Church and State

9. (Social Services): The Social Safety Net

10. (The Arts): Distinctively American Arts

11. (Sports & Entertainment): Exporting Popular Culture

12. (The Media): The Media and Their Messages

Holidays: National Celebrations

Chapter One
Immigration patterns and ethnic composition The Statue of Liberty

The story of the American people is a story of immigration and diversity. The United States has welcomed more immigrants than any other country -- more than 50 million in all -- and still admits between 500,000 and 1 million persons a year. In the past many American writers emphasized the idea of the melting pot, an image that suggested newcomers would discard their old customs and adopt American ways. Typically, for example, the children of immigrants learned English but not their parents' first language. Recently, however, Americans have placed greater value on diversity, ethnic groups have renewed and celebrated their heritage, and the children of immigrants often grow up being bilingual. NATIVE AMERICANS
The first American immigrants, beginning more than 20,000

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