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In January 31st, 2011 issue of The New York Times, in an article titled “U.S. begins evacuation flights from Cairo”,Liam Stack and J. David Goodman describe the organization of the first evacuation flights of the American citizens from Cairo, country in political unrest for thepast few days.
They divide their article into seven distinct parts.

In the first section, they explain the chaotic situation in the Cairo InternationalAirport, due to the beginning of the voluntary evacuation of hundreds of people on specially chartered and commercial flights.
Then, the journalists focus theirattention on the U.S. flights, giving precisions about their destinations to safer places and their number.
In the third part, they mention that Americans would beexpected to reimburse the cost of their travel.
In the following section, the authors add that some 90,000 Americans live in Egypt and could be concerned by leaving thecountry.
In the fifth subdivision, they study the idea of how some governments could put together evacuation plans for their citizens.
In the penultimatesection, they inform about the case of the private companies which chartered planes for their workers in Egypt, like Coca-Cola.
In the final part of the article, theyexplain the situation of the foreign students in Egypt, giving some interviews of those who have left the country and those who have decided to stay.

Even ifthe situation seems to be chaotic, the journalists show that the governments and the companies work together to evacuate people who are expected to move from Egypt.
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