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Radioactivity Webquest

Go to:

Click on the link under“Websites on Radioactivity”
Click on “How Nuclear radiation works”
Explore the vocabulary links on this page to find the answers to the following questions.

1. Who discovered the X-ray? How does theX-ray work? Roentgen, X-rays proprety is to go through most kinds of matter, it has a very important medical application.
2. How does a nuclear bomb work?
3. What is nuclear fission ? Heavyatoms spliting into two smaller ones and losing some prtotons.
4. What is nuclear fusion ? Atoms scrtaching together to create a heavier atom (nowadays it only occur on the Sun).
5. Carbon-14dating can be used to determine the age of objects up to 50,000 years old.
6. How is nuclear power generated? By nuclear fission

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Click on “3 types ofradioactivity”

1. What types of particles are released as part of alpha decay ? Helium particles.
2. What are three types of beta decay ? Electron emission, positon emission or electron capture.3. What is emitted due to gamma radiation? Photons.

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Go to “Irradiated Food”

1. How is food irradiated ? By X-rays, electron beam or gamma rays thatare used to kill food contaminants
2. Why is food irradiated ? The food is irradiated for the consumer’s sake, it kills germs and bacteries contained in the food
3. What are the disadvantages toirradiating food ? Vitamin thiamine level is lowered and the taste could be different.

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Go to “Irratiated mail”.
1. When did mail irradiation start ?Ocober 20001.
2. Why irratiate mail ? Postal service irradiate mails to sterilize them.

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Go to “Radon and the risks”
1. What kind of dangers are...
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