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Currently in 3rd year of EBP at Kedge International Business School, I evolve in a company abroad for a period of 10 months. I done it in Belgium, more precisely in Brussels at Sogeti Belux a subsidiary of Sogeti, Group, itself a subsidiary of Cap Gemini Group. Sogeti, company launched in 1967 by Serge Kampf in Grenoble, is an acronym for "Society forBusiness Management and Information Processing." Its logo is an Ace of Spades, and the story goes that when creating Sogeti, Serge Kampf asked a small advertising agency Grenoble him make a logo. The advertising agency gave him three proposals: a bee, a cog of a machine, and As de Trèfle to symbolize luck. However, the creator chooses the Ace of Spades which is the strongest color in Bridge, this Aceof Spades still bears the coat of arms of Sogeti, and Cap Gemini. Sogeti Group is one of the leaders in IT consultancy in France and in Europe, with more than two thousand employees located in fifteen countries including the United States and India. Sogeti Belux represents approximately 1200 employees located between Luxembourg and Belgium, among these employees there are approximately ninehundred consultants, a hundred employees with regard to the structure and hundreds of subcontractors internal and external to the group.

I held the position of Financial Controller for the Belux region, and therefore share my weeks between Sogeti offices in Luxembourg and Brussels. I work in the financial department, consisting of different poles: sales assistants, payroll, accounting and financialcontrol. The team of financial control, represents five persons and is under the supervision of the CFO. I am currently in my fifth month of training, half of it and I am considered a full-fledged employee, which allows me to see real assign tasks similar to those of my colleagues and the goals I should reach the same way as everyone else. I was also assigned to some additional missions, includingimportant tenders which shows the company's confidence in me.

In this report I will articulate my résonnement around three axes, first I will inventory goals and called recurring tasks that were assigned to me during the first five months, then in a second step I will discuss missions that I would qualify as additional to conclude on the results I obtained on these missions and by what methodsdid I get these results.

I- Recurring tasks and goals in the first five months

As I said in my introduction, my internship takes place in the finance department and more specifically financial control service. Tasks that have been assigned to me was that of a financial controller. So I have missions and objectives that are repeated every month, depending on the financial closing.

Amonth is divided into several parts, the so-called operational during which business takes place, the so-called pre financial closure as we prepare monthly financial closing and finally closing during which we prepare and send to the group reporting based on financial data of the month.

During the operational part, one of my first task is to control the expense of consultants Belux. These areused in software called "Abanti" all costs incurred during the course of their duties to the customer and must, at the end of the previous month, must give to sales assistants their expenses note signed by their Operational Manager accompanied original tickets of their costs. Once this is done by consultants, assistants send me notes expenses note in paper versions with original receipts and my goalis to control those around thousand expense note before the date of payment by the accounting department. Between the time I get expenses and when I have to give to accounting, my file with amounts payable for each person, there are about three days so three hundred expense per day to treat.

Once the expense note treated I must tackle the treatment of so-called "BCD Travel" bills, _ Those are...
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