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My name is ELVE and I am at present in first year of bts Muc, I made my first training course in an auction of feminine clothes called Tally Weijl situated to the shopping mall Forum of Les Halles to Châtelet. My period of training course was of 2 weeks, I chose to make my training course over there because the women's fashion always interested me; we were 4 trainees and I worked from 1 pm till 9 pm with 1 hour of break and 5 days in the week.
The store was divided into four parts(parties), 2 entrances(entries) of the store, environment(middle) and cabin of éssaillage. Every trainee occupied a post according to the day schedule and the posts(post offices) changed every day.
My work consisted in:
- welcome the customers
- advise(recommend) them
- present them and propose our various products (clothes, accessories)
- make my post be always appropriate (clean) and good to tidy up
- indeed present my post
The store closed at 8 pm and we had a 1 hour to tidy up before bringing in (returning).
TALLY WEiJL’s fashion offers the latest trends – for every woman, for every situation and for every budget.
“You can feel sexy and enjoy life everywhere.”
TALLY WEiJL was founded by Beat Grüring and Tally Elfassi-Weijl in 1984 in Lohn, Switzerland.
Tally Weijl is an international fashion label based in Basel, Switzerland. The company is represented worldwide in 30 countries with over 680 stores globally and employs over 2,500 people (as of July 2010). Tally Weijl was founded in 1984 by Tally Elfassi-Weijl and Beat Grüring. Its Headquarter is in Basel (Switzerland), while its Design Center is in Paris (France).
The company has shopping stores in following countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary,Holland, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia,Belarus, Turkey among

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