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Rapport de stage

Good afternoon/morning sir,
I’m Clément and I’ve been studying for two years in St Lambert High school to prepare a technical business degree, what we call a BTS in French, specialized in building materials.

Before my training period, a sales representative of “ Descours et cabaud ” went to my high school to present his company. Thanks to this visit, I was able to give him my CV and covering letter which enabled me to get an interview with my future supervisor and I was accepted.

“ Descours et Cabaud ” is a business company selling building materials, metallurgic products, ironmongery items and others
It’s established in Bonneuil sur Marne in the 94th department on 8 hectares because it’s in the possession of a very big metallurgic airdock and this agency is the pole of the Ile-de France for other agencies of the group “ Descours et Cabaud ”

Before presenting my project, I will tell you about a typical day of my training period : I woke up at 6 o’clock to take transport at 7 o’clock because it took me 1h an half to commute in the morning so 3hs each day. I begun at half past 8 and took place at my desk to do works gave by my supervisor. I could spend all the journey doing that, but I can accompany a technical salesman to visit customers or took part in phone sells too. I eat at 12 o’clock until 1h an half and the day finished at 5 o’clock in the evening.

So during my training period, I had to carry out a project to solve a problem affecting the company. The objective given by my supervisor was to create a sales document which contained many products aimed at town halls.
I chose the products and make-up of the document, the interesting characteristics to write, the colours.
But also, I had to plan my targets market, I mean my clients, and the appropriate device of communication, the discounts with product managers. So, I did all of it using a computer on my desk all the weeks long.
After sending the document, I phone

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