Renewable energies

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The document we have to deal with is an article from the famous British newspaper, The Economist. It was published the 6th of May 2010. This article is quite pessimistic since the title is “The politics of disaster”. Under this title, we can see a caricature of Barack Obama who seems devastated. He is in the slick with a paper in his hand, the energy bill, whereas a man behind him is holding adead bird. The energy policy of Barack Obama is considered as “a mess”. As the title of the article underlines the main theme of the text, we understand that this article focuses on the Obama’s current policy in the United States but also on various disasters due to human activity. Indeed in February 2009, the president made a speech to the congress on the economic situation and thus he launched adebate based on the environmental situation, on energies. The main issue of this text is “Is the actual politic of the United States of America a barrier to save our planet from every kind of pollution?” We can also remark thatthis article deals with lessons to be learned related to American people’s consumption.

The article opens on a disaster which happened in 1989. The “exxon Valdez” was an oil tanker but ran aground into Alaskan waters, thus provoked one of the most important oil spills in the United States’ waters. It was the worst oil slick ever, before 2010. The journalist insists on the fact that thisecological and economic crisis is grave and that it will take a long time to fix. This disaster caused several damage on the environment, as the murder of many species of birds, sea turtle and fishes. But that was just the beginning of the damage on the American coast, as in April 2010 another disaster of the same kind occurred in the American waters, and naturally caused the same negative consequenceson the environment. “the deepwater horizon” as it is called, was an offshore oil rig managed by BP company, in the gulf of Mexico, but one pipe was failing, broken; what provoked an explosion of the offshore oil rig. This delivered the world's largest oil spills in terms of volume released and it is the most important environmental disaster that America had to face. Indeed, it is a real tragedy ifwe know that the Gulf of Mexico is a place rich in diversity and composed of an important ecosystem that must be threat because of the oil spill. These disasters present in the article are described to understand why this bill of energy appears to Obama as a necessity. This tragedy lets three considerable consequences: first of all on the local economy, then on the environment and finally oncalling into question the politic of Obama. Indeed, the American economy suffered a lot, given that the American government was forced to pay for thereparation and to clean the beaches of the American coast, besides, to go fishing was not allowed anymore by the American authorities because of the pollution present in the water. Moreover, the sector of tourism can be touched as the Gulf of Mexico is an attractive one.
As the reaction of the president Obama was not up to the disaster, he may have been compared to hispredecessor George ww Bush who underwent the critics on his incompetence facing the hurricane Katrina which devastated the new Orleans. Maybe he took his time to react to this plight, because this time, the disaster did not kill a human population, but an animal population. We can think that this lack of reactions from Obama can be the cause of the plunge of his popularity but it is not. In fact,...
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