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1) The scene takes place at the Lovatt’s house a few days before Christmas 1973 : “Even before the crowd gathered before the Christmas of 1973…”

2) Harriet is pregnant. She and David are going toannounce her pregnancy when David’s parents and Harriet’s are reunited. They hardly dare to announce the arrival of the first baby. Frederick, Molly’s husband, tells them that they are crazy andirresponsible to rush into parenthood. Later, they discuss with David’s parents about the mansion James approves of their decision. Dorothy is more reserve concerning babies. She makes a difference betweenaristocrats, who can bring many children and a large house, and “middle” people, who have to be more careful because they will have to raise them correctly. Luke comes into the world, then Helen,Jane, and finally …. The family is happy, although a syndrom of down child was born into Sarah and William’s family.

3) A: Harriet’s pregnancy: at the beginning of the passage we are told that sheand David are very surprised to know about Harriet’s pregnancy.
B: David’s disapproval of having people at Christmas: he was very furious at hearing Harriet telling him to have people at home forChristmas.
C: Dorothy’s anger about Harriet’s pregnancy: they could see from her set angry face that she had terrible things to say.

4)Harriet’s pregnancy was a surprise for the couple because theywere determined not to have any more children for a while they were not very bound to face a new event like that for Harriet’s health fist and because they were always short of money.

5) In thispassage Dorothy has a main role because Harriet needed her help very much; she knew her mother was exhausted and needed a break. She couldn’t do without her to look after the other children and herself.6) When Harriet knew she was pregnant, she felt upset, very surprised: “To her utter dismay”;“How could it have happened?”;”They had been careful”

7) That pregnancy isn’t welcome because they...
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