Russian business

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In the last few years Russians economy was grown. The most important reason for this are the resources of natural gas and crude oil. For this increasing more and more foreign companies invested and settled down in Russia. But of course the company has to be cautious because Russia has different law and often it is different to the law of the own country.
In this report, I will write about the political situation and its structure. Furthermore, I will show you the economics of Russia, the trade patterns, the industrial situation and the business law and regulations. At least, I will give a short conclusion.


Russia is becoming more and more an attractive business location. Unlike the countries central and southeastern Europe they can´t follow to the economic traditions of the market and there is a growing number of new companies which established there. In 2007, the Russian economy continued its steady growth. GDP grew by an estimated amount of 8.1% to $ 1.344 trillion. Russia now ranks as one of the top ten economies in the world.
At the moment the population of Russia amounts to 140.7 Mio and the growth rate is -0.47 %. Russia’s area has a size of 17.075.400 km² and is covering almost one-seventh of the worlds land mass. It is a country that spans 11 time zones. The largest city is Moscow with 8.305.000 residents.[1]
In the following report the political situation in the Russian Federation, the economical situation with its structures and import and export regulations will be discussed.


3.1 Governmental policies

Russia is the biggest country in the world and they have a lot of problems. In the constitution, Russia is a social state and they should create conditions for a dignified life and a free development. The government should try to get a better standard of living and to improve the satisfaction of their physical and spiritual needs. This includes the work and the

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