Scène d'exposition de rhinocéros

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Do you think that differences of religion, race, culture, and social background can be overcome in a relationship? How?

Differences between men and women, black or white, poor or rich, catholic ormuslim have always existed because of prejudices. In fact, it’s impossible not to have any prejudices because it’s in the spirits of our societies; therefore it’s really hard to part from it.First, I think that if a couple wants to overcome differences, he needs to be really in love and implicated.
For example, in Romeo & Juliet, despite the fact that they came from opposite socialbackground their love was so strong that they died for it.
We often say that love must be stronger than everything but today, too many people have a tendency to forget it for many reasons: jealousy, socialshame, racism …

Despite how open-minded we are, it’s really hard to love someone who is different because we have to adapt ourselves to the other and also accept to change our way of life.
Love is adifficult task to achieve and requires adaptation, concessions, a lot of communication and respect.

All the more, recent studies show one marriage over two ends in a divorce in Paris.

Manybooks were inspired by impossible love stories: Night of the Lions, an impossible match because of opposite tribe; Wuthering Heights, an impossible love because of different social background or Beautyand the Beast, a curse which opposes a woman and an animal.
As soon as the two “opponents” saw each other, it was “love at first sight”.

Fortunately, today we can overcome differences easier thancenturies before, because rules are less strict and less narrow-minded. New technology and Internet have changed our way of life. We are now closer than ever to people all around the world and we caneasily exchange on all kind of subjects. Social networks helps to have a better understanding of other cultures, religions and social life. It’s especially right for shy people, they can discuss on...
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