Survey about the favorite hobby of teenagers

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This report represents the result of our survey about the most favorite hobbies of teenagers. This study alows us knowing if teenagers have free time and in wich way they use it : in a positive or anegative way ?
We sound out a group of (40) teenagers from different social levels. When we questioned them if they had a hobby, only (7) informants said that they haven’t. (4) of these (7) saidthat the reason was the lack of time.

(20) of the (33) other informants (who practise a hobby) told us that they didn’t have enough time for their favorite hobby in week days because theirstudies take the priority.
(9) informants said that their favorite hobby was reading novels and mangas, and this for culture and pleasure. (8) of this category are good at school but they sleeplate and this because, abt to them, the best time for reading is before sleeping. They also said : ‘’We can travel beyond the stories we read’’.
(6) of the (33) informants who have a hobby preferpractising sports like armartials to relax and to be stronger. The majority of them get tired after exercices and sleep early, they are also good at school.
(5) informants prefer listening to musicbecause they find in it a mean to take rest, relax and also to learn foreign languages. They said : ‘’Music can make us forget all the problems wich face us during the day.’’
(4) informants saidthat they were attracted by the internet because of the functionalities that allow them keeping contact with their friends and families, it also alows them making new friendships (by chatting on thenet) and being closest to what happens in the world.
(4) other informants told us they enjoyed playing video-games, they said : ‘’By playing vido-games we have fun, relax and rise up ourintelligence.’’
The two categories of internautes and gamers are mostly lazy and bada t school because they spend the majority of their time playing or surfing on the net. They can also become addicted to...
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