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I'm going to talk about my favourite music group, Telephone. Telephone is the name of one of two unrelated groups: a very popular French rock band, created in 1976 in Paris .Téléphone again live rockin France with their electrifying concerts but they remained largely unknown in non-French speaking countries, probably because they always sang in French. The band was made of 4 members :
*Jean-Louis Aubert was born in 1955. He was the singer of the group, and played the guitar too.
* Louis Bertignac was born in 1954. He was the main guitarist, and sometimes, he sang.
* Richard Kolinka wasborn in 1953. He played the drums, and moreover, he was a very talented drummer.
* Corine Marienneau was born in 1952. She was the only girl in the band and she played the bass. Like Louis Bertignac,she sometimes sang.
Their first, self-titled album, was released in 1977; by the end of the decade they were one of the biggest French rock bands around, opening shows for The Rolling Stones inParis, Quebec, the United States and Japan.
About their discography, The first album was "Anna" (1977), "Crache ton venin" (1979), then "Au coeur de la nuit" (1980), "Dure limite" (1982), and finally "Unautre monde"(1984). So, 5 albums.
Among their best-known songs are "Un autre monde", "Ca c'est vraiment toi", "New york avec toi", "Cendrillon", "La bombe humaine", and others.
The band split in1986 for personal reasons, but I think it's because of the woman in the band, who made too many stories and gossips. She fell in love with all members of the group. So, men just wanted to play musicand didn't want all of that, so they disbanded. Later, Almost all its members went on to solo careers, like the most famous, Jean-louis aubert, who still sing, and do tours, mainly in France.
I thinkit was one of the best band in the world, above all for rock music. They were original, with a lot of energy and creativity. Telephone was a "revelation" of french rock, it was like a start of this...
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