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Like a HOBO * Straight-forwardness * Frankness * Honesty * Courrage * Determinativ * Not materialistic * A freeloader(are bad people for them)

1929 – The New York stock Market crashed.
1932-Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected before there was (Hebert Hoover)
1933- Hitler became Canceloir of Germany
1933-Roosevelt set up the 1st New Deal
1941-The US entered WWII
Since 1933 to 1940 The great plains subit the worst drought(Dry). The great depression = It´s a severe economical downturn. It started in 1929 and stoped in 1941. Affected the entire Word(global economic recession), et to massive bank failure.
In the US: economic production dropped by 50%, unemployement increased by 30% between 1929-1932 the stock market lost 80% of it´s value.
Total US pop: 122,8millions people life expectancy 59 years old.
Average income annual=750dollars.
GDP (grows domestic product) dropped hard.
From 1929-1933= No intervention from the State.
People should get organised(voluntary cooperation)
-Roosevelt=State agencies(central organization) the alphanet agencies.
There took place dust story and it´s called the dust bowl, also the problem with grasshoppers. People left the Great Plains and go to the West.
This people voyage by freighting trains.
The man on the picture is an ex-busnesman, he lost every think, so he sell apples.
The others are selling chestnuts.
The scene took place on the street in 1931 in USA.

Riding the rails : * They let not to be a burden to their families * Some left because they were unemployed and therefore left to find a job. * Some were attracted to adventure--- the pioneer spirit---The gold rush/rail the frontier. Mainly there was: Young white US male.(10% of females) “to hit the road” mean to leave, plus some African-Americans. Injury will result in death. They had problems with infections, lack of hygiene---vermin---spreading---diseases.
11paragraphe: Seasonal harvest * Hay, corn,

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