The abortion in the usa : pro-life or pro-choice ?

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Introduction :
Our presentation deals with the conflict between pro-lifers and pro-choicers, and the violence of the pro-lifers.
Three parts :
1. The evolution ofwomen’s rights
2. Pro-life/ Pro-choice
3. Their opposition and actions

First Part : The evolution of women’s rights
_In the beginning of the XXs, there was still men’s domination and women’ssubmission. Abortion was prohibited in the USA and many countries in the World.
_Since the 50’s, mentalities have evolved. Women have more rights thanks to the 70’s hippie and sexual revolution movement inWestern countries.
_Abortion has been allowed in the USA in 1973. Nevertheless, it’s still forbidden to abort in some states -> Bible Belt = the most religious states where religion is part ofpeople’s everyday life and concern protestant churches, are very powerful and form influent lobbies/pressure groups which push or pressure states to pass reforms or laws: anti-abortion laws. Like in Spain andIreland where abortion is still illegal today ( Catholicism). In France -> the Veil law in 1975 legalized the abortion until the tenth week of pregnancy, and contraception, whereas it was a capitalcrime during WW2. Since 1988, a woman can abort up to 7 weeks of pregnancy using the abortion pill.
_Contraception means: the pill, abortion rights (=the right for women to choose if they keep theirbaby or not, “my body, my choice”).
_ Women can now decide if they want keep a baby or not. But the public opinion is split on the issue.

Second Part : Pro-life/ Pro-choice
_Pro-life: Most ofpro-lifers are conservatives although some democrats are part of the movement. They come from states where religion prevails and is a dominant part of the culture (Evangelical Protestantism andCatholicism). Some of them are moderate, others are extremists. Some are opposed to euthanasia, the death penalty, human cloning (stem-alls) researches. The most conservatives are opposed to family...
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