The climate change debate and governments

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The climate change debate and governments

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Nowadays, famous scientists such as Nicholas Stern or Trenberth, claim that climate changes are in the heart of big debates. An example of that is the current conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, and this is what people consider as the biggest and most important environmental discussion there has ever been. The main factor for the increase of climate change is the Greenhouse effect which has a direct impact on the human’s life. The Greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon which leads to a warming of the planet (Oxford dictionary). As a consequence, the increase of global temperatures entails climate changes (Copenhagen consensus).

At the present time, some people think is more important to focus on other priorities such as economic recession, however, there are several reasons showing why addressing climate change should be a priority for every governments. A major reason is because of climate change, according to scientists, has a direct impact on the human life and also the world economy; another reason is that natural disasters are more and more violent and frequent. Moreover public opinion has shown more interests in climate debates.

Firstly, one of the main reasons why every government should address climate change as a priority is because climate changes will affect people’s life in different part of the word but it will especially have an impact on the world economy. Indeed, according to Sir Nicholas Stern in his review “The economics of climate change”, our economy which is based on the globalization’s system (import/export of goods) will be affected because of changes of our environment and the lacks of water. Climate changes will also have a wide range of effects on the agriculture, which will affect the food productions. Crops and forests across the world are threatened by an increase of 17% bigger possibility of fires in 2020 as reported by Stern Review. According to Munich Re group

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