The creation of a global language

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Janice Vogt
CMUN 150

Table of Contents
I.i Evolution of Man I.ii Development of Language
Lingual Divergence II.i Patterns of Simplification II.ii Cultural Importance II.iii Globalization and its Impact on Language
III. Global Language Prototype III.i Crytallization of International Tongues III.ii Application
IV. Conclusion

I. INTRODUCTION The Linguistic Society of America (LSA) is an organization that focuses on the scientific study of language and its development. The association works towards the understanding of the structures, cores and origins of worldwide means of communication. Guy Deutscher, the scholar whose ideas will be the focus of this work, was born in Israel on 1979. After obtaining his undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of Tel Aviv, he went on to pursue a PhD in Linguistics at the University of Cambridge. His mathematical background can be seen in many of his studies concerning language when discussing structures and comparing lingual traits as results of socio-cultural changes. In this particular article, the LSA will use Deutscher’s ideas and findings on communication and the process thereof to explore the possible emergence of exclusive global languages. Globalization has opened the door for an abundance of socio-cultural changes far and wide, which includes the transmission and acclimatization of language. However exposed we are to the “others” of the world, many topics of discussion can often become lost in translation when confronted with a language barrier, rendering them insignificant or plainly incomprehensible. When this rupture in the transmission occurs, the meaning is lost, which greatly impacts the discourse. To avoid this, our world has already installed English as the current language for international dialogue. To further improve this worldwide discussion and avoid miscommunication, a lingual prototype could be fabricated for such purposes. The current

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