The exit

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The Exit

By Laila Bouinidane 2009


Dépôt légal : 2009MO2640 Impression : Top press- Rabat


Chapter I: a hectic day…..….……07 Chapter II: Betrayal…..………….….22 Chapter III :The puzzle……….….39 Chapter IV :endless agony….….45 Chapter V :the intrusion…………53 Chapter V :the soulmate….……..66 Chapter VI :the exit…..…………….75



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Chapter I : A hectic day Two Amazon parrots, a turquoise blue one and another yellowish gree, were flapping their wings frantically as if to coax Morgana to wake up and open the wooden window allowing them to stretch their feathers in day light. In stubborn insistence, the birds were, now and again, twittering while clenching their beaks inside the ash grey cage that was hanging at the corner of the ivory white cell. A drawling white curtain

was swaying heavily to the rhythm of the whispers of the winds outside. The parrots were growing more and more nervous with the dead inertion that overwhelmed the place. For a moment, the lightening slashed into the room through the window’s aperture in successive light flashes. The thunder cleft the sky in an uproar that was likely to terrify the most daring souls. The sound was so scary that Morgana could not help getting up thinking it was the morning alarm that she had set on the eve before getting to bed. Inside, her heart beats were knocking like a hammer. She woke up, yawning and stretching, and drew the flimsy curtain away. She was feeling worn-out and her face was fade. Shuddering at the thought of being late for work, she put on her suit in a rush and gave herself a quick glance at the mirror while sipping her morning coffee. Before stepping out, she muttered few Coranic verses hoping it will be a better day.

She banged the door closed and barged into the stairs leading to the exit lane. Once arrived, she went

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