The firm of the future - sustainability

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The Firm oF The FuTure
A Business inspired By nATure

Guidelines for Sustaining Organizations Towards 2020


The Firm oF The FuTure - A Business inspired By nATure

The central theme of this paper is: The Firm of the Future is a Business Inspired by Nature. We are entering a decade of changes that are likely to be both very fast paced and very fundamental across all areasand which will impact the rules of business, the environment, technology, the attitudes of the new workforce, and the global socio-economic balance. If organizations want to survive the “Decade of Transformation”, continuing the way we run our business today will not be an option. In the past we operated businesses like monolithic, centralised, top-down, hierarchical machines. This approachemerged out of command-and-control structures of military organizations and worked pretty well in a world with broadly limitless access to natural resources and narrowly limited access to communication. However, we now realize that the resources upon which our business empires are built are limited and even running out, while communication channels are rapidly shifting from broadcast to broadband,networks to networked, limited to limitless. Today’s rapidly changing business environment calls for businesses that are resilient to rapidly changing environments – such as in nature, where waste is food, where consumption is beneficial, where the focus is optimizing rather than maximizing, where relationships are synergistic. The Firm of the Future has to be an organization more akin to a dynamicliving organism which thrives within ever-changing business, socio-economic, and environmental systems, all interdependent and operating within the largest system of all – the ecosystem of Earth. The Firm of the Future is a business inspired by nature. It is collaborative, decentralised and multifunctional. It is adaptive, responsive and resilient. Furthermore, it plays a positive role in theecosystem, creating conditions conducive to life. And it’s a great place to work!

The Firm oF The FuTure - A Business inspired By nATure


2.1 External drivers for transformation 2.2 Internal drivers for transformation 5 6 7 7 8 10 11 13 13 13 14 15 16 17

» 3. THE FIRM OF THE FUTURE » 4. THE JOURNEY3.1 Business Inspired by Nature

4.1 The Real 10 4.2 Resilience Audit 4.3 Creating a Business Ecosystem



The Firm oF The FuTure - A Business inspired By nATure

execuTive summAry
The Firm of the Past is no longer fit for purpose. Firms of the Past, and the economies in which they operate, havebecome brittle and retrograde. We are now entering the Decade of Transformation, and transformational times call for transformational change. This decade will be about winding down the unsustainable business models of the 20th Century and evolving new 21st Century business models that are fit for purpose. In the Firm of the Future, the essence of the business is social, economic and environmentalvalue-creation that emerges from core values based on a common sense of purpose, a holistic understanding of value and values, and impacts to the social, economic and environmental dimensions of the world. It is our belief that those organizations which re-shape themselves using nature’s wisdom will flourish through the enormous opportunities these volatile times bring. It is our belief that theFirm of the Future is a Business Inspired by Nature. A Business Inspired by Nature follows the successful principles, strategies, and practices developed by and used within nature. In short: Nature has had over 3 billion years to figure out what works and what doesn’t – evolution eliminates unsuccessful strategies. A Business Inspired by Nature is resilient and can leverage myriad unpredictable...
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