The life

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The life is a word which each can explain to his way, it is as a journey by train where we can meet different persons. It’s a long journey where we can come down at any time and where we can’t know what waits for us, that can be of checks things like that can be of bad things so it is necessary to live it such as it is.

Some persons aren’t able to face the bad moments which they meet; they think that in these moments the life stops for them they do not manage to face with courage without losing hope. But some of them decide to risk everything to lead a life without constraints and to resolve their problems enthusiastically.

We should be ambitious to realize the projects that we planned since our birth, to have a clear sight of the future. To never give up and to still have the will to continue up to the end. To lower the arms and leave things such as they are is not the good choice. Because there you leave your ambitions and your dreams on one side and you let the loss invade you.

The life is also a test, to see how people face the difficulties which they meet and how they will surmount them without changing there way of life and without influencing negatively their personality.

Some people spend their time in commonplace things without any interests, they are just people who live for nothing, and they have no purposes to be reached.
They don’t have any plans for the future; they don’t care about what would happen if everything changes for them in a brief moment, that’s why people must be ready for all the things at anytime.

It is true that sometimes it is difficult to face all the misfortunes which we meet I say it to you because that already arrived at me and it wasn’t easy, I was unable to do something. But I assure you that I passed the nights praying and crying fortunately God did not disappoint me because all these misfortunes had disappeared without reporting me what arrived I swear that it was magic. So I want you to always believe

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