The relationship between folklore and religion in the 'tale of peter and fevronia'

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The relationship between folklore and religion in the 'Tale of Peter and Fevronia'

The 'Tale of Peter and Fevronia' contains many of Christian aspects. Such religious aspects are contained inmany folktales to educate the peasants. By listening or reading foktales, the peasants learn what is right and what is wrong in the view of the church. They also learn about what they have to do, andhow they should behave to get God's blessing.
In the beginning of this folktale, the image of the evil force is represented, like it is in many other folktales, by a serpent. This image refers to theserpent in the paradise that seduced Eve to eat the apple, which lead to the expulsion of her and Adam from Eden.
Furthermore, the 'Tale of Peter and Fevronia' shows the peasants the perfect imageof a Christian person through the main characters Peter and Fevronia. Even before meeting Fevronia, Peter is represented as the perfect Christian. He goes regulary to church and prays to God: 'PrincePeter had the custom of going alone to church and to pray'.( )
Peter also does not hesitate to kill the evil force, represented by the serpent, even if he does risk his life. It is naturallyunderstood that a good person like Peter risks his life to serve God and helps him to destroy the evil force: 'I hope that I will slay it with the help of God'.( )
Moreover, after the marriage of Peterand Fevronia, the two behave like God wishes a married couple would behave. When the boyars encourage Peter to abandon his wife, he tells them that he will not abandon her. He also says that if theywant Fevronia to leave, he would accompany her. The married couple stays faithful to one another, even in difficult situations, like they have promised in their marriage vows.
In addition, PrincePeter and Princess Fevronia rule according to the commandments of God (Peter and Fevronia of Murom 298). They help the poor people with alms and treat everyone like they are their own children. They do...
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